Saturday, 10 March 2012


“Grief is the price we pay for love” - Elizabeth II

I have just come back from my open window after looking at the moon. It has started to wane but its light is still bright to illuminate the garden below and the neighbouring roofs. The day has been full and I’m very tired. The clouds float across the moon and the light makes their cotton-woollen flocks silvery. I had little sleep last night, but even tonight, I cannot sleep. I wish I could just float up and lie down on the drifting clouds enveloped by moonshine and find some rest. This song from “the Snowman” came to mind…

This post is part of the Saturday Sareenity meme.

“The Snowman” is a children's book without words by English author Raymond Briggs, first published in 1978 by Hamish Hamilton in the U.K., and by Random House in the U.S. that November. In the U.S. it received a Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1979. The Snowman was adapted as a 26-minute animated film by Dianne Jackson for the fledgling British public-service Channel 4. It was first telecast late on Christmas Eve in 1982 and was an immediate success. It was nominated for the 1982 Academy Award for Animated Short Film and it has been shown every year, becoming part of British and international popular culture at Christmas. The film story is told through pictures, action and music, scored by Howard Blake. It is wordless like the book, except for the song "Walking in the Air". In addition to the orchestral score, performed in the film by the Sinfonia of London, Blake composed the music and lyrics of the song, performed by a St Paul's Cathedral choirboy Peter Auty.


  1. I felt like this recent full moon was so near us. :D Great photo here Nick. nice meeting you here at Saturday Sareenity.