Wednesday, 4 May 2016


“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” - Khalil Gibran

For its midweek motif, Poets United has the theme of “secrecy”. This actually inspired me to write three poems in quick succession. I guess the topic appealed to me… Here is the most literal of the three.

The Tryst

Come into my bower,
Where hidden from prying eyes we’ll meet
Under the twining branches
Of sweet briar roses.

The words we softly utter
Shall belong to us, only,
And secrecy will be assured
By Harpocrates holding his rose aloft.

Our clandestine tryst
In secret garden arbour
Will let our love flourish
And against all odds survive.

The mystery of our assignation
Sealed with a fiery kiss,
And our endless protestations of love
Subdued by cooing doves above.


  1. I love the quote you chose for "The Tryst." How many fall for the "come into my ... " line? Even here it sounds like an offer for loveliness I might follow, though I am old and have lived long with the wind.

  2. I always enjoy a happy love story. I especially love the sweet briar roses.

  3. aw...clever lovers keeping Harpocrates on guard...sweet lines...

  4. Lovers' secrets. What a good topic. But your poem elevates the situation to superb. I'm certain Harpocrates enjoyed this too.

  5. Most excellent take on the prompt :D

  6. Ah--this is beautifully written! Sweet --that lover's tryst--

  7. Luckily lovers always see the world differently. What a beautiful read this is.

  8. I like how you used Harpocrates here!!

  9. Very nice, nice romantic styling and story.

  10. If only time stopped still and the sweet kiss in the briar roses lasted forever.. but would they be so sweet if they weren't secret and a little dangerous maybe.. i love the china ornament too - and also the possibility of two more poems

  11. Ahhh you write of this tryst so well. They are hidden away so none will know (except us.)

  12. AH! Such a romantic vibe. Sweet and titillating. :-)

  13. Highly appealing.Nice, I liked it.