Wednesday, 14 October 2009


“Earth laughs in flowers.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was in Brisbane for the day today, leaving on a 6:00 am flight and coming back on a 6:30 pm flight, which with the time difference meant getting back home at 10:00 pm. As I got up at 4:00 am that made for an 18-hour day. Quite tiring, and the trouble is I have to do it all over again next week. At least the day was very successful, with several meetings that were run and which achieved quite a lot. We also had some videotaping done that we shall use for some publicity/marketing purposes.

The weather in Brisbane today was hot and sunny with the temperature hovering around the 30˚C mark. Meanwhile in Melbourne it was cool and rainy (and we need all that rain!). The Jacarandas, Frangipanis and Coral trees were all in bloom and the fragrance was carried everywhere by the breeze – quite sumptuous!

On the way back, on the plane, I jotted down this on a paper napkin:

Spring Song for the Harem

The Jacaranda blooms for you Miranda,
And I lie basking in your sunny smile.
The fragrant air, the colours flagrant,
Spring’s here and lingers for awhile.

The Frangipani perfumes you sweet Annie,
And I laze in the warmth of your embrace.
Blue skies, while the swift swallow flies,
The air is redolent with cinnamon and mace.

The Coral Tree brightly blushes for you Bea,
And I adore your sweet and gentle manner.
The day so warm, the bees in swarm,
Summer soon will be flying its golden banner.

The Tree Orchid adorns your garden Enid,
And I drink in your beauty’s honeyed draught.
The night so softly falls and in its rite
Caresses us and plies its magic loving craft.

Jacqui BB hosts Poetry Wednesday. Visit her blog for more poems!


  1. Nice to have you back from Brisbane with a poem for us. There is a Victorian air about this poem. Byron wooing all the fair ladies.

    At least we got something out of your long airplane imprisonment.

  2. That's a long and tiring trip, Nic. To do work and then write poems too is beyond me!!!
    I really like the poem and the picture you posted is so beautiful.

  3. I like the internal rhymes in this poem and it is such a happy springtime poem for a change, Nicholas! You were getting a bit morbid lately.
    Your picture I guess corresponds with the flowers in the poem?

  4. Welcome back from Brisbane with a poem for us. Your poem and postcard looks awesome. keep it up the good work.

  5. "I jotted this down on a paper napkin ".... how many of us can say that???

    This poem that you just 'jotted down on a napkin' is a delight. I love it.

  6. good poem. casanova springs to mind...
    what were you doing in brisbane?