Saturday, 15 September 2012


“Yes! You are the ruin -the ruin -the ruin -of me. I have no resources in myself, I have no confidence in myself, I have no government of myself when you are near me or in my thoughts. And you are always in my thoughts now. I have never been quit of you since I first saw you. Oh, that was a wretched day for me! That was a wretched, miserable day!” – Charles Dickens

A wonderful Saturday. We went out for some shopping in the morning and then walked around the city for a while, acting much like tourists in our home town. We had a few laughs and even if it was tiring it was a much needed change. We came back home for some lunch and as the sun was shining we sat in the garden. The jasmine and the pittosporum made the air redolent with sweet perfume, while anemones, freesias, primroses, daisies, clivias, ranunculus and irises were in bloom all around.

In the evening, a return to the sweet routine of Saturday nights… The lights burning low, music playing and the shared intimacy of a meal, solving a cryptic crossword together, laughing, chatting, and the warm feeling of hand clasped in hand.

For Music Saturday tonight, a Turkish song from a successful soap opera, “Dudaktan Kalbe”, meaning, “from the lips to the heart”. A sad song of bad love! Subtitles translate the lyrics.

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