Tuesday, 8 January 2013


“Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Magpie Tales has provided a visual prompt by Daniel Murtagh, as a means of stimulating some literary creativity. The image is quite striking and resulted in this response from me…


Eyes of flint and limpid quartz
Flashes of evil witchcraft in your arcane gaze.
Eyes of serpents, fireflies, lizards
Green laurel and deadly nightshade –
A healing balsam mixed with poison!

The nightingale and the siren sing
Sweet words that hide a fatal meaning.
Your voice enchanting music
Your teeth biting each syllable,
Making it shout in barbarous pleasure…

Your lips are red like a gaping wound
Your kiss is cold like the sepulchral marble,
Yet burning like infernal fire.
Your lips are scarlet like a strawberry,
A bite and sweet blood flows! Juice of the forbidden fruit.

As my hands touch your soft skin
Your silver nails gash my flesh;
The vice of your embrace crushes me,
I die and suffocate whispering your name,
While up in the sky the sickle of a moon
Cuts the thin thread of my life.


  1. Absolutely she's beyond being enchanting by all means! A lovely perfect write!

  2. This is amazing ... the ultimate seduction!

  3. Love the notion of biting each syllable...