Tuesday, 13 May 2014


“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

This week, Poetry Jam has set “Friends” as the theme that will serve as a stimulus for the creativity of the followers of the blog who will take up the challenge to write a poem. Here is my contribution:


Come, April, my old friend, again

Let’s talk, let us exchange pleasantries.
You bring me gifts - more white hairs,
More experience, my wrinkling face the evidence,
And yet I am none the wiser...

Come friend, let’s drink, and in our cups

Let’s reminisce of days gone by,
Of nights long past, when autumn moons
Shone bright and clear, and we,
We used to walk beneath the frosty starlight...

You watch me, smile and speak not;

April, you always were a good listener,
Hearing out my softly whispered confessions,
The patter of your rain, your grey skies our cover,
Our camouflage, your smile my absolution.

Year after year, my friend you come

Bringing chrysanthemums, rain-clouds
Crisp, frosty nights, woollen days, capricious sunlight.
As Autumn ripens, you herald Winter’s arrival,
And I with each of your visits understand your silences more...


  1. Oh! I love this poem, Nicholas! The ambiguity of who "April" is adds to the enjoyment, I think. Is April the dog accompanying the human in the picture (it's lovely too!)? Is it a a woman friend? Is it April the month? A wonderful meditation on Autumn an one's advancing years...

  2. What a nice friend that always brings happiness!!

  3. understanding their silence...there are so many layers of silence...and if you truly understand someone you can begin to understand those moods as well...

  4. Each month has its gift, it seems. The longer one lives the more one appreciates each gift, I think, knowing that there are fewer gifts ahead of one than behind, fewer Aprils on the horizon of life.....and the silences of winter grow longer, it seems. So much to reflect on in your words. We need to 'drink, in our cups' as long as we can, as fully as we can!! Cheers, Nick!

  5. April Downunder is like October in the North. Autumn versus Spring. Coming to terms with the changing seasons of our life is difficult. It looks as though you have done it, and beautifully!

  6. Lovely, Nicholas ... this speaks so wisely of the passage of time and the gift of the seasons and that special time of year called April ... the turn of the seasons IS very much like the return of old friends ... this is a great approach to the theme of Poetry Jam! Well done, dearie!

  7. this is delightful...love the celebration of this unique friendship....

  8. Now if you lived in Sydney there would be no woollen days....beautiful spring weather and a forecast for same next week as well. Beautiful imagery with frosty starlight,autumn moons, the patter of rain and chrysanthemums....just gorgeous!

  9. This is beautifully written it sings of life and the passing of time. I love it.

  10. I love the mysteriousness of April.

  11. Your April makes me think of our October, which is hardly surprising of course. There is comfort in routine but it is nice to see that we also have new reasons to enjoy the arrival of new months.
    "And I with each of your visits understand your silences more..." - great closing line!

  12. I love this kind of friendship. Beautifully expressed.

  13. How lovely to honor the friendship you feel with this fall month. Lovely photo too.

  14. Delightful ode to April .... your friend. (Mine too)

  15. I so resonated with the poignant nostalgia in this poem - the days long past - the appreciation of April's gifts - really beautifully done.

  16. The strength and power of Providence are there to see. The more one is aware the more blessed is the future. Thoughtful write! Nicholas!


  17. Lovely autumnal reflections with a hint of resignation and the befriending of time passing. Wonderful write!

  18. Certainly a wonderful and beautiful friend that shall come back year after year....beautiful writing Nicholas!

  19. Beautiful ambience and sweet melancholy in this poem.

  20. yes seasons are friends we see each year nice