Wednesday, 7 June 2017


“Contrary to what the cynics say, distance is not for the fearful; it's for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love.” — Meghan Daum

When the one we love is far away from us we discover a new way of loving. The experience of our affections alter in quite subtle ways and hits us with quite a punch in our everyday life. The longer the period of absence is protracted, the greater our change and our every action and thought begins to be coloured by that absence. The poem below is for the Poets United Midweek Motif, “Oceans”.
Across the Oceans

Though far away, you are close to me,
Because your distant presence
Attunes within my heart, your heart.

Though far away, I hear your voice,
When you call me; and its lingering echo
Resonates deep within my soul.

Though far away, I see your face,
Your smile a distant sun that warms
Each ice-cold fibre of my body.

Though far away, I taste your kiss,
Each time I bite into a ripe strawberry,
Fragrant, lush, juicy and succulent.

Though far away, I speak your name,
And my winged words fly out,
Across the oceans, swiftly to find you;
And in their beaks they carry my kisses,
And in their claws grasp my solitude.

Though far away, you’ll hear my words,
Calling your name, giving you kisses.
And my solitude, delivered to you, will be no more,
As you open your arms and in your dream of me
Will feel my love enveloping you softly.

Across the oceans, distance is annulled,
Love bends both time and space, taming them
And the oceans lose their breadth and depth;
Together our souls will meld and fly above
The crashing waves to find our sunny place.


  1. "Love bends both time and space, taming them"...most beautiful words...

  2. Swoon !
    A beautiful heartfelt declaration of love for someone oceans away.

  3. My very favourite of your poems, Nicholas. I especially love the winged words carrying kisses in their beaks. Wonderful!

  4. Love transcends all barriers! Beautifully written.

  5. This is so beautiful that I read it twice. Loved it!

  6. Something as vast as an ocean becomes tiny in the face of such love!

  7. "Across the oceans, swiftly to find you;
    And in their beaks they carry my kisses,
    And in their claws grasp my solitude."

    Luv the way distance is cancelled by your ocean, and your ocean made not tangible by your love

    Much love...

  8. There is so much in this poem to like but overall it is the earnest voice of the narrator so obsessed with his faraway love. Delightful.

  9. You capture the draw of the ocean superbly - we do not need to be near it to know its power

  10. How bittersweet! The wonderful thing is that love is not lost and blossoms in a different manner even when distanced in such a way.

  11. This really is an ethereal poem--one filled with longing!

  12. A wonderful piece filled with love and longing. This line "Love bends both time and space" says it all.

  13. That's a perspective I had never considered, beautifully expressed. Thank you.

  14. This resonates with me although my subject of love is not romantic love
    but my family who all lives far away Great poem

  15. btw the photo is stunning Did you make it?