Tuesday, 28 May 2013


“Remembrance and reflection how allied. What thin partitions divides sense from thought.” - Alexander Pope

An image (“Ponytail” by Last Exit) has been provided by Magpie Tales to function as the creative spark for all who will venture to take up her challenge. Here is my offering, and pardon my creative intervention with the original image – poetic licence and all that!


Your remembrance
Knocked on my door last night,
And in my wakefulness,
Despite the rivers of wine consumed,
I saw your smiling eyes again,
Sparkling, through the smoke
Of my countless cigarettes.

Smoke, though insubstantial
Has an effect –narcotic, irritant, choking;

Alcohol, subtle though it may be,
Has an effect –narcotic, irritant, choking;
And your memory, disembodied as it is,
Has an effect - narcotic, irritant, choking.


  1. Some people are certainly capable of that effect. I find that unfortunately, these people are usually the most compelling.

  2. The big "I" - innovative, inventive, intriguing.

  3. I love this poem, NIck. The recurring images of smoke, wine and memory are deftly woven together to give a poignant picture of love lost...

  4. First, your image manipulation is masterful here ... second, your repetition of those three key words fits so well the three key components of your piece ... terrific!

  5. Love the picture and your poem is amazing intense, raw, emotional can't ask for more its perfect

    I am

  6. Beautifully intense, and oh, so true! Edit is a delight also.

  7. Very cool how you remade the prompt! Quite a combination - the alcohol, smoke and those kind of memories!

  8. Raw and straightforward...not all memories are pleasant...

  9. An interesting piece contemplating the memories within the smoke swirls and the after taste of the wine..