Monday, 17 June 2013


“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” - Henry David Thoreau
A Marc Chagall painting, “The Promenade” (La promenade), of 1917-18 (Oil on canvas. 169.6 x 163.4 cm. State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia) has been provided by Magpie Tales to function as the creative spark for all who will take up her challenge. Here is my offering, with a slightly modified image (with apologies to Mr Chagall!).
The Flight of Love
When first we touched,
My heart sang and my spirit rose;
Pink madder tinting my dreams,
And colouring my reality crimson.
When first we touched,
Our thoughts coalesced;
Droplets of water fusing,
Our emotions merging seamlessly.
When first we touched,
You flew up high, soaring;
A bird with wings spread wide,
Carrying me with you, effortlessly.
When first we touched,
Our flesh melded, amalgamated;
As gold dissolves in mercury,
A precious blend of our uniquenesses combined.
When first we touched,
It was but our fingers, intertwining;
And yet our souls commingled too,
And our hearts beat to the same rhythm,
And our bodies could hardly wait
To become one flesh.


  1. Oh, the sweet agony of new love . . . well captured here.

  2. I am a huge fan of Chagall, particularly while he was still drawing on his Russian home for his fantasies and images.

    This is a BIG canvas with wonderful Russian details.

  3. Oh, this is gorgeous. I really like your use of "pink madder". A perfect description of giddy, heady new love.

  4. A beautifully inventive take on the prompt.

  5. I absolutely love this. The last stanza the perfect ending!

  6. This is lovely, and I love the repetition of "When first we touched."


  7. What a beautiful, uplifting and satisfying poem! It suits the painting well and I love how you have changed it.