Tuesday, 11 February 2014


“If you wish to be happy for a day, get drunk; if you wish to be happy for a week, kill a pig; if you wish to be happy for a month, get married, but if you wish to be happy forever, plant a garden…” - Chinese proverb
This morning it was cool and perfect for going out into the garden to have our breakfast. Sipping a cup of coffee, munching on some toast and listening to music on ABC Classic FM was delightful. One could really wind down even before the day started, while looking out on the flowering backyard. The summer roses were blooming, the last of the summer annuals are putting on their best show and the jasmine was full of its fragrant white blooms. The birdsong in the background was a perfect counterfoil to the Vivaldi concertos playing, while the rich aroma of the coffee mixing with the heady smell of blossoms created a perfect combination.
Here are the Viola d’ Amore concertos by Vivaldi to enjoy.

This early and tranquil start to the day was not to last long as certain “jobs” in the garden had to be done and done they were! We went out a couple of times and purchased some mulch as the garden needed a top-up and the hot weather was certainly causing the plants to suffer. The mulch makes a world of a difference and while preventing weeds growing ,it also keeps the moisture in the soil, conserving water.
We found some rocks close to home as the gas company is replacing gas pipes and there are gaping holes all over the place where they have excavated. Our suburb lies on top of an ancient lava flow and there rare rocks galore underneath the soil. The excavations had exposed quite a few of these and as they were to be discarded, we took them home to adorn the garden. Backbreaking work, but worth it in the end.
Not the least of the jobs to be done were the lifting of some statuary and their elevation on plinths, such that they became more visible above the plants that surrounded them which had rendered them almost invisible. We fortunately found the right plinths close to home and at a reasonable price. The statues were erected on their new plinths and our little piece of paradise was once again a cotton-wool insulation against the harsh realities of the world outside our gate. Happy are we that are able to enjoy such luxuries and live a life that is so generous with us


  1. Gardening is a lot of hard work, as you write! However, the results of your labours are certainly very obvious. It's a lovely garden!

  2. What a wonderful post! Lovely music and your photo and description of your garden are lovely.