Wednesday, 11 June 2014


“’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” - AlfredLord Tennyson

“Write a poem about an object or a person that has disappeared from your life or entered it and is now uniquely special to you…” So Poetry Jam instructs the participants of the weekly poetry meme here. My offering below:

The End

How abruptly one may choose to end it,
How easily one may choose to love no more;
How quietly, how softly,
Without much premeditation
One may sever ties, cut bonds,
Stop one’s heart beating.

How soft the flesh
As it succumbs to sharp knife blade,
How tired the heart must be of torture
To give up so readily;
How wrung out the soul
To leave the body without any fight,
Without a battle, surrendering to unbeing.

What lies ahead is a threat no longer,
The miseries that promise
To be constant companions,
The sweet pain of lost love, the emptiness,
They do not scare one.
All is lost, all is ended
When one sees the eyes of one’s beloved
Burn with hellish fires for another.


  1. ugh...betrayal is a rusty knife...leaving a wound that festers...
    seeing that fire for another...painful.....

  2. I relate to "how tired the heart must give up so easily"......I have felt this betrayal. It is very hard and you have written it powerfully and well.

  3. Terribly painful, heart-rending. Well done.

  4. Powerful, emotional and it feels like nails piercing the heart, excellent.

  5. Your description of these emotions are both sensitive and real. Masterful capture !

  6. could feel the sting of that deep sense of loss...nicely captivated..

  7. You conveyed pain, loss and the sense that all is now definite in a very tangible way, Nick.

  8. You have captured well the pain of love coming to an end. Not easy, especially if one sees the look that had been reserved for you directed toward someone else.

  9. Oooh, so true! "All is lost, all is ended
    When one sees the eyes of one’s beloved
    Burn with hellish fires for another."

  10. the sweet pain of lost's hard to loose especially love..also it may open up to find something new perhaps?

  11. Poignant and sad... Lovely poem about love lost in the worst possible manner.