Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I see the entire world as Eden, and every time you take an inch of it away, you must do so with respect.” - Joni Mitchell

This week, Poetry Jam has given the instruction: “Set your poem this week in an impossible place”. Increasing population growth worldwide, escalating pollution, effects of climate change, dwindling resources and a spoilage of our natural environment make many of the world’s beautiful places no longer so. It is harder and harder for most people of the earth (who are rapidly becoming city dwellers in huge metropolises) to find a “natural”, unspoiled place where everything is “right”. This is the impossible place my poem yearns for…

Nocturne I

On the horizon low will sink the sun
And gentle sea the shore would kiss.
A gull the zephyr soft pursues
While fish in coralline castles hides.
Dolphin, Orion’s echoes searches for
And dances in the murky depths, anemone.

Unmarred by cloud the sky shines on
In ever deepening shadows phosphorescent.
Star burns in twilit backdrop smooth
And ceaselessly does the cicada drone.
Bird roosts in leafy bower still
The summer heat by evening unquelled.

For water sweet the arid earth does yearn
An earnest kiss the parchéd lips desire
A temperate lair the wild beast seeks
While living flesh caresses craves.
A want for cooling breeze is in the stifling air expressed
While for the music of the words of love ear hopes.

Pearl of a moon in opalescent ocean falls
The blue-white wave on velvet shore does break
In silence still the sea-sounds softly sing;
Enticed by mistress pale recedes the saline,
Shell glistens wet, crab backwards runs
And high above silver Cybele smiles.

For beauty endlessly the soul will search
In lover’s eyes would eyes be there reflected.
Heart needs to love, reason subduing
And arms would in embrace rejoice.
Perishable flesh be to your own attracted
And love while there still is time.


  1. def, love while there is still time...because the heart needs love, for sure....
    at night, by the water....that would be a beautiful place to be...
    a fresh clean world...sadly maybe an impossible place soon enough

  2. This is lovely! I had to read it out aloud as the words were so beautiful... What a great pity we are ruining the world, not only for ourselves, but more importantly for our children.

  3. Beautiful words. The closing: "And love while there still is time" an indelible line of poetry - and sad portent of impending doom, if humankind does not act soon to stem the ravages to this planet.

  4. Ah those lovely unspoiled places. I hope they are still possible for some to experience even if most of us live in our crowded places. Yes love while there is still time! thanks for posting.

  5. Oh this is so very lovely. I am such a fan. As a disciple of Neptune this poem has such imagery and beauty that...there is an ache in my heart. Great poetry.

  6. Yes our pristine beauties are being destroyed...Having a small population there are still a few place remaining outside the cities. Love while there is still time.Must keep that in mind:) Perishable flesh...hmm aging process...not nice.:)On that note I will now watch the 7 oclock news to depress myself even further. Nice poem Nicholas.

  7. We all yearn for such a peaceful and beautiful place and foolishly believe it will always be there. Your closing stanza is perfect, Nick!

  8. What a beautiful poem, Nick. It would be heavenly to be in such a place.

  9. What a beautiful place to be....

  10. I feel blessed to live in a place impossible to some. Lovely poem.

  11. Luv your meter, kept looking for a rhyme but aftermath first stanza realised , none to come, this is a sumptuous sampling of some of the old great poets, got style, and does the prompt justice

    Much love...

  12. A tender and gently nostalgic poem with a wodnerful last stanza that turns the idyllic Arcadian style into a wistful romantic one.

  13. may be still there are such places but if we are not careful enough they will be found in books only...the last line is spot on...

  14. It is very sad how quickly these places are spoiled. You paint such a beautiful place and your words flow like a peaceful meditation. I definitely felt my breathing slow down as I read through the poem, lovely :-)

  15. Once again you have beautifully captured love and the heart with words that just melt in the soul. Excellent.

  16. Love that Joni Mitchell quote. ... And having just spent two weeks in Maui, all of this imagery feels especially real and vivid to me!

  17. And love while there still is time. i like that line nice poen

  18. Brilliant description of a place worth being at. It is indeed very difficult to find unspoiled places nowadays, that's why I think we should preserve the ones that haven't been destroyed yet. They're irretrievable beauty. I really enjoyed this poem of yours, Nicholas!