Wednesday, 24 September 2014


“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, From up and down, and still somehow, It’s cloud illusions I recall, I really don't know clouds at all.” – Joni Mitchell

Poetry Jam this week has set the theme of “clouds” as a springboard from which creative imaginations will leap into poetical expression. Here is my contribution:

The Cusp of Spring

On the cusp of Spring

With milky-brumy skies still wintry,
When evening falls early
Tinting the leaden clouds salmon-pink

When blue-violet hyacinths bloom,

Despite the bitter winds;
When rain falls and falls from grey-shrouded skies,
Making of the garden a forbidding place,
It is then that I want you most...

To clasp you close to my breast

As if you were a winter, hot-house rose,
Tall, slender, fragrant, snow-white;
To feel your ice-sharp thorns
Digging into my flesh, letting the ichor flow…

My blood to dye your white petals crimson,

Warming the wintry night
With the blood-heat’s freshly spilt libation
Hastening Spring’s arrival.


  1. love the spring / beloved as a deity here...beautiful...

  2. i'm always amazed at the hues we see in clouds; have a nice Wednesday

    much love....

  3. Lots of passion in this I think. Interesting that you put the Joni Mitchell song as it has been going through my head ever since I first saw the prompt! It had almost faded til I read it here and now it is back again!

  4. White petals crimson - love this that image of life and hope. Excellent.

  5. Salmon pink clouds would be beautiful! I am a bit envious of you heading now into spring instead of autumn. Sigh.

  6. Nothing like some clouds to make the sky more beautiful at sunrise or sunset. Enjoy spring, Nick!

  7. Wonderful poem celebrating absolute love and the coming of spring!

  8. Melancholy and bittersweet... Great write

  9. Love that you took the "cloud" prompt in such a colorful direction. Wonderful writing!

  10. I love that Joni MItchell song...competing now with Wendy's "Age of Aquarius" in my head!
    A beautiful write. I love salmon-pink clouds - usually purple-gray edged.

  11. I love this poem of yours, Nicholas. The two halves are different yet complement one another and it is a sad yet beautiful write.

  12. Beautiful images...a splendid word painting filled with passion and love.

  13. Truly lovely many wonderful images here. I can smell the flowers in the wind. :-)

  14. Your poem has a positivity, to look towards spring for revival, once the winter season has passed...The longing may have passed as well...


  15. Interesting take on the prompt ... Nicely penned! :) I enjoyed reading this.