Wednesday, 17 August 2016


“Some people who like dogs don’t like cats, but I’m not like that.” - Viggo Mortensen

For this week’s Poets United Mid-week Motif, Susan the well-known ailurophile has set a theme close to her heart: “Cats”. Even though I am dog person, like Viggo above I also like cats… My contribution to the theme below:

A Cat for Every Season

A kitten gambols

On a daisy-strewn green field;
Like it, the year’s young

In yellow noon’s heat

A languid cat stretches out
Biding time till night.

An open window:

A curious cat smacks at
Falling yellow leaves.

As crackling fire burns;

An old grey cat sleeps and dreams
Of erstwhile nimbleness.


  1. How I agree with you, for we never really own a cat they merely use us while it amuses them.

  2. Lovely cat stories, each little nib-let a delight

    much love...

  3. Marvelous. This ailurophile would call this a masterpiece! And I love that it is an Ekphrasis. Today I've learned a new word, a new work of art, a new poem I wish I had written and a new reason to adore Viggo.

  4. What a delight this quartet is, Nicholas! I am an ailurophile myself so I specially appreciated this post. The association of the cats with the seasons is wonderful and it does of course allude to the ages of human life. The illustration is very apt too!

  5. I love these vignettes - especially the cat in the open window, batting at leaves.

  6. beautifully sketched specially the dreamy winter cat...

  7. There definitely is a cat for all seasons. I resonate best with the old grey one.

  8. I shall echo all the others comments.

  9. The image and verse really Marty together well - like haiku each verse a self contained and glorious contemplation of life and color - and of course cats!

  10. I adore that last stanza! Gorgeous!

  11. You have described the various kinds of cats perfectly. They definitely are a versatile group!

  12. I think you've just about covered it.
    Cats are such distinct personalities, aren't they?
    Well done.

  13. Great collection of haiku celebrating cats of all ages. Loved the way you have woven in the seasons and great illustration too.

  14. I knew I liked Viggo Mortensen! (Smile.)

    I like your verses; well observed.

  15. They are all so typically cat episodes. They more or less have their own domain in the house!