Wednesday, 19 October 2016


“Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Poets United this week has as its theme in the Midweek Motif series the topic “Conversation”. Poets who take up the challenge are instructed to write a poem that focusses on conversation. Here is mine:

Silent Conversation

Would all be said if eyes met eyes
That were meant to gauge each other’s depths?
Would every word redundant be
And thus remain unspoken?
If with that single glance
It were enough for my crystal heart
To resonate to your insistent note,
Then surely I would know it,
For my heart would break.

Yes, it is certain that those eyes,
That strong and penetrating look
Would pierce me to the soul,
Impaling me like a helpless butterfly
On album leaf with silver pin.
Some other eyes merely look, enjoy,
Laugh, happy are;
But those eyes would mirror grief and anguish
On the surface of the bottomless seas they hide.

Before you speak with empty words,
Gaze into my eyes and talk to me gently,
Silently, with intricate unspoken detail.
Fathom my depths and realise my questions.
As for me, I’ll know your each reply,
For in your eyes all will be answered.


  1. So much can be said in silence, especially love.

  2. Golly! An invitation to be impaled, pierced to the heart! But how we long for that depth, that one that matters.

  3. That strong and penetrating look
    Would pierce me to the soul,
    Impaling me like a helpless butterfly... like that!!

  4. That was a powerful conversation. No words needed!

  5. You had me at the opening lines ❤️ such an evocative write!

  6. This is very depthful. I especially love that in her eyes, you would know her answers.

  7. I do think that the eyes speak truth. If you look into someone's eyes and really listen, not only to the words but to what the eyes convey, you really HEAR what is being said. Sometimes, as you said, things are conveyed with the eyes that are not conveyed with words. The eyes, unlike the mouth, do not lie!

  8. Empty words mask a lot of feelings.

  9. Very powerful amazingly beautiful poem Oh the power of eye contact

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  11. Hi Nicholas,

    Indeed, so much can be expressed via the eyes, for they are the gateway to the soul of a person, are they not? And as such, they can communicate so well what one means to tell from their heart and their mind.


  12. As for me, I’ll know your each reply,
    For in your eyes all will be answered

    There is a way to gauge the feelings of a loved one. Knowing them longer than others can give one more insights into framing our reply and related reactions


  13. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Listening and silence go hand in hand. This reminds me of the song "When you say nothing at all". A beautiful write as always Nicholas!