Saturday, 3 February 2018


“Old things are always in good repute, modern things in disfavour.” - Tacitus

Let us travel back in time… Let us transport ourselves to Italy of the early Baroque and let us take a few steps in courtly dances that delighted nobles and amused princes. Here is a selection of Pavanes, Gagliardes, Ciaccones and Passacaglias played on instruments old and wondrous with sounds that fall easily on our jaded ears and manage to captivate our attention and gladden our soul.

0:00 Innocenzio Alberti: Pavana & Gagliarda Jordi Savall Hespèrion XXI
5:14 Biagio Marini: Passacaglio Jordi Savall Hespèrion XXI
8:39 Antonio Valente: Gagliarda Napoletana Jordi Savall Hespèrion XXI
11:40 Benedetto Marcello: Ciaccona from Sonata F Major Op 2
15:57 Antonio Bertali: Ciaccona L'Arpeggiata
21:49 Maurizio Cazzati: Ciaccona & Passacaglia Christina Pluhar L'Arpeggiata
31:42 Tarquinio Merula: Ciaccona
34:47 Andrea Falconieri: Passacaglia & Ciaccona D'EL'SA Consort
40:24 Tomaso Antonio Vitali: Ciaccona Virtuosi Italiani
48:56 Niccoló Jommelli: Ciaccona per Orchestra Gioacchino Longobardi

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