Tuesday, 18 May 2010


 “A blog is a message in a bottle, both in purpose and likely readership.” - Robert Brault

I have a liking for those special days when Google changes its logo to reflect some anniversary, holiday or other day of special significance. For example, at Easter or Christmas or Tchaikovsky’s birthday or Earth Day. It’s a very nifty way of drawing attention to those special days and some of the graphic designs are quite ingenious, amusing, beautiful or fetching. If you wish to see some of these from different parts of the world, why not visit this Google page:

Now for some fun. How about personalising your Google search page so that it displays a message of your choice: Your name or your dog’s, or some expletive that is your personal favourite? Go to this site and set the display text you want instead of “Google”, and then set it up as your home page:

How about a search engine in Pig Latin? What a fun way to remember your school days!

And if you are really into the techie stuff, how about this version of Google Hacker with its choice use of numbers and symbols to spell out the words?

If you are feeling bad, how about putting a little devil in the Google logo?

Or if you are really hip, either emo or goth, how about these?

Seriously now, Google is also the scholar’s friend and is there to make internet searches more efficient and scientific. Here is Google Scholar:

And Google search in quadruplicate, so you can do four separate concurrent searches.

Ah, isn’t the internet wonderful? And by the way did you know why Google is called that? It is a misspelling of “googol”:
googol |ˈgoōˌgôl| cardinal number
equivalent to ten raised to the power of a hundred (10 100).
ORIGIN 1940s: said to have been coined by the nine-year-old nephew of E. Kasner (1878–1955), American mathematician, at Kasner's request.

Google the company, was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, often dubbed the “Google Guys”, who proved you don’t have to be good spellers to become billionaires…


  1. Aren't these amazing! I had a play with some of them and they pleased me a lot. Thanks for the suggestions!
    I had seen some of the special occasion Google headers but the webpage you link to is quite amazing!

  2. I enjoy the Google banners too - today's is on the PacMan 30th anniversary - another reminder* that 3 decades can just fly past one.
    *the other reminder is the RSI PacMan-playing exacerbated.