Saturday, 23 October 2010


“Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical.” Jonathan Swift

The day dawned gray and dreary today, so it was a lazy breakfast with plenty of hot coffee, toast, orange juice and some beautiful classical music on the weekend breakfast show on radio. We then went out and did some grocery shopping and came back to watch a movie. In the evening it was time to relax and listen to some more music, this time with some wine and in a little bluer mood. And then, there’s nothing like strong black coffee just before bed!

Here is KD Lang singing “Black Coffee” being as laid back as they get!


  1. I like the sounds and visuals of the You Tube piece very much,,, very laid back. The world didn't modernise with the discovery of anti-biotics or computers - it modernised with espresso coffee :)

    So it is interesting that I use espresso very differently. If fact it could be said that my cognitive life DEPENDS on espresso to keep me alert and creative, not laid back and mellowed.

  2. You sure have a way of picking the tunes, Nick. And you sure know how to spend a gray, dreary day.

  3. Oh, I meant that comment in a positive way, by the way. It came across on my reader later, and I thought my meaning was awfully ambiguous. But I loved the video so much, I shared it on Facebook, too. Very nice, very nice.

  4. I received "mail art" this week from a dear friend on Sunshine Beach in Australia and the theme was "Coffee"!!!

  5. What a great song!!!!! And KD sings it so well!!!!