Friday, 20 May 2011


“I support any initiative designed to make healthy food more affordable and junk food less appealing.” - Susan Burke

A long day of travelling today as I had to be in Brisbane in the afternoon and then travel to Perth. We had our last graduation ceremony in Brisbane this afternoon and then tonight fly to Perth to be at a conference where I shall be presenting as an invited speaker.

Food for this Friday is going to be about conference, convention and special occasion food. This has to do especially with little tidbits and finger food, savouries, hors d’ oeuvres and small pastry offerings that are as much non-food as they are food. One can nibble quite a lot of these small delicacies and consume an inordinate number of calories (aided and abetted by the alcohol one washes them down with).

So as you could well imagine this not particularly healthful or nutritious food, however, it is generally gourmet food that tastes very nice. It is food that one does not consume often and may represent an occasional exception to the good rules of nutrition that one lives by.


  1. Hello Nicholas V:
    Yes, one of the dangers of this kind of 'buffet' food is that one tends to eat more than one realises and that it is not, as you say, necessarily nutritious. In fact, often far from it.

    We do hope that your presentation goes well and that you enjoy the weekend.

  2. Like most people I love eating this kind of food (or non-food as you say). But it must be an exception to the rule. Generally, I try and have a good diet, but once in a while I can eat junk!

  3. I eat too much of this non-food! Fortunately, I burn it all off with exercise

  4. I Love this kind of food...
    You are invited to follow my blog too...thx in advance

  5. hey
    this is ace food
    luv it

  6. Yummy!!!!!
    I love this food but I know its not good for you....