Wednesday, 20 August 2014


“You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset.” - Dave Pelzer

Tomorrow, Friday August 22 is Daffodil Day in Australia. This corresponds with Southern Hemisphere Spring and when these beautiful bulbs flower in southern Australia. They have long been held to be a symbol of hope of the Spring that follows Winter, and thus they have been adopted as a powerful symbol of hope for cancer patients. Daffodil Day is one of Australia’s best-known and most popular charity events devoted to fundraising for research into cancer.

Cancer is one of the major killers in Australian society. Each day more than 100 Australians will die of cancer. Daffodil Day raises funds for the Cancer Council to continue its work in cancer research, providing patient support programs and cancer prevention programs available to all Australians. Daffodil Day helps grow hope for better treatments, hope for more survivors, hope for a cure for all cancers.

To the Cancer Council, the daffodil represents hope for a cancer-free future. Everyone can help in the fight against cancer by participating in Daffodil Day. Daffodil Day merchandise is on sale throughout August, and people can donate to Daffodil Day at any time.

I hope that I see a day where cancer is no longer a death sentence for many people, where treatments are effective and relatively free of side-effects, where people can take an active role in effectively preventing cancer. Worldwide research to which Australia is contributing significantly makes this hope a realisable one.

More about cancer here.


  1. Daffodils can brighten a cloudy day. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Cancer is a terrible disease. Let's hope there will be better treatments available soon.

  3. A great cause, hope that lots of money is donated

  4. Calling by from Floral Friday Foto, we celebrate Daffodils on March1st in Wales, so this was interesting to read.

  5. Great idea! Daffodils sure give hope at the end of winter when everything looks brown and dead.

  6. They are indeed the perfect flowers to represent hope for a better and brighter future. I have some in my garden and every year I plant a few more. I would love to have a whole hillside with nothing but daffodils one day. I love how they shine in the sun. Also, yellow is my favorite color; it's such a happy color! Have a great week.