Tuesday, 2 September 2014


“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.” - Yves Saint Laurent

This week Poetry Jam has the theme of “Jeans” and the challenge is: This week write a poem about jeans: someone who looks good in jeans, tattered jeans, jeans that you have to lie down to button up, comfortable jeans, stinky jeans…”
Here is my contribution:

Faded Blue Jeans

Your blue jeans (dark indigo),
Always made me smile;
For they meant fun in the sun,
Worn without make-up
And little pretence
Of anything comme-il-faut.

Your blue jeans (ultramarine),
Had given me many smiles –
How happy we had been, by the sea…
Well-worn, and softened,
Surviving many washes,
Jeans and the comfort of déshabillé.

Your blue jeans (light as the sky),
How I loved you in them,
Happy, contented, laughing.
Worn always with the intent
Of doing nothing,
With an agenda of sans-souci.

Your blue jeans (badly faded),
Discovered in the depths of our wardrobe
Forgotten there intentionally.
No longer worn,
For you are long dead,
And they too, dyed in a couleur fugace.


  1. nice blend of languages....and nice emotional pull there in the end as well...the jeans kept
    perhaps as a reminder of them...and all the good feelings within them...

  2. French certainly a language of romantics. Hearing it spoken is a joy without ever a need to understand! Nicely Nick!


  3. it's only proper to use french words when writing about clothes...jeans definitely have various associations with the wearers....... the last homonym-twist is an added grace to the poem...

  4. An elegant poem, but in a decidedly elegiac tone. The last verse was poignant and the last two lines had quite a punch. The fading of the jeans as the poem progressed provided a counterpoint to the fading away of the departed partner. Wonderful!

  5. I enjoyed each stanza, written about a different pair of jeans & experience. Made me think of my own jeans & the memories that go along with some of the pairs. So true that each pair has its own personality & triggers memories. The last stanza is poignant...hard...as somehow people's clothing after they have died have their own meanings. Enjoyed your use of French!

  6. Whether these are the same jeans through the years, getting lighter with washings and wearings, or different ones, still the images are beautiful. What a wonderful use of French here, too. A sad ending. I have some saved clothes from my father and mother that are put away to forget about.

  7. luv the moods of jeans in your poetic expression; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  8. I enjoyed your poem and its varied hues of blue. I was reminded of the various pairs I owed. I also liked how you weaved a very personal story into your piece as well as the wistful tone, and the use of French 'bien sûr'.


  9. I love the story told through jeans - the happy memories, the various colors, and then the sad ending and how they make you remember, still. Beautifully done. I can see her, natural and without pretence, and I can see you, smiling.

  10. I like the way you used to fading colors here--seems symbolic somehow--and the inclusion of French. And how sad at the end. Very nicely done.

  11. Great images and pictures in this and such rich tapestry of words, excellent.

  12. Oh this is so sad, Nicholas! The pair of jeans fading away into nothing parallels the life of your love who dies in the end. Exquisitely poignant...

  13. Bitter-sweet and poignant. Tres jolie!

  14. Oooooh. Lovely. Love the fading here. Perfect.

  15. You had me at "dark indigo."

  16. love the color changes great poem

  17. Oh my ... I really was not expecting the twist ending! Love how you incorporated a bit of lovely French language!

  18. moments of life are compared superbly with type of jeans, wonderful writing

    Like A Pair of Jeans

  19. bonjour tristesse
    sigh (en anglais:)