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“Mexico is a mosaic of different realities and beauties.” - Enrique Peña Nieto

The Colonial Mexican Period lasted from 1521 to 1821 during the Vice-Regency of New Spain. The cultivation of European music began soon after the arrival of the Spanish, during the Late-Renaissance period of Western Music. Musical practices continually coincided with European tendencies throughout the subsequent Baroque and Classical music periods.

It is important to note that while much music was fashioned in European style, uniquely Mexican hybrid works composed of native Mexican language and European musical practice, appeared as early as the sixteenth century, and throughout the colonial period.

Much of the surviving music is sacred music for choir and orchestra that was found at the cathedrals of Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, and Guatemala City, when it formed part of New Spain. Collections of secular music also survive such as the Códice Saldívar of guitar music, and the Eleanor Hague Manuscript housed at the Southwestern Museum in Los Angeles.

Here is some of the Mexican Baroque music by Ignacio de Jerusalem and Manuel de Zumaya performed by Chanticleer.

Ignacio de Jerusalem: 1. Responsorio Segundo de S S José.
Ignacio de Jerusalem: Dixit Dominus, for 2 trebles, 2 violins & continuo.
2. Dixit Dominus: Dixit Dominus Domino meo
3. Dixit Dominus: Virgam virtutis tuae
4. Dixit Dominus: Judicabit in nationibus
5. Dixit Dominus: De torrente in via bibet
6. Dixit Dominus: Gloria Patri, et Filio
7. Dixit Dominus: Amen

Manuel de Sumaya: 8. Sol-fa de Pedro.
Manuel de Sumaya: Mass in D minor.
9. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Kyrie
10. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Gloria in excelsis Deo
11. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Gloria agimus tibi
12. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Qui tollis peccata mundi
13. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Quoniam tu solus
14. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Cum Sancto Spirtu
15. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Amen
16. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Credo in unum Deum
17. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Et incarnatus est
18. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Crucifixus etiam pro nobis
19. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Et resurrexit tertia die
20. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Sanctus
21. Hieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes.
22. Celebren, publiquen.

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