Friday, 15 January 2016


“Whatever one loves most is beautiful.” - Sappho

The common marigold, Calendula officinalis, is today’s birthday flower. The name calendula is from the Latin calendae, the first day of each month, as it was believed that marigolds bloomed somewhere in every month of the year. It symbolises cruelty in love, grief and pain. A bouquet of marigolds and poppies signifies lightened cares and sympathy.  Mixed with other flowers, the marigold imparts the meaning “life is made up of joys and sorrows”. As is the case with many other yellow flowers, the plant is under the dominion of the sun, thus being considered lucky to bring it indoors.


“Sappho, truly I want to die…”
Such was her cry when she said goodbye.

These words she said to me:
“What sad calamity!
Sappho, I leave you most unwillingly.”

To her I made reply:
“Go with good heart but try
Not to forget our love of days gone by.

Else, I shall always bring to mind,
Even if your heart proves to be unkind
The most delightful memories you leave behind.”

Many a chaplet
Of sweet smelling rose and violet,
Crocus and dill upon your head you set;

Many a necklace too
Round your white throat you threw,
Woven with me of blooms of many a hue,

And often balm you spread
Of myrrh upon my head,
And costly ointment on my hair you shed.”
Sappho (Flourished ≈600 BC)

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