Wednesday, 24 August 2016


“Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” - Paulo Coelho

For the Mid-week Motif this week, the folks at the Poets United site look at “Blessings”: Blessing is a gift of bliss, affirmation, hope and inspiration bestowed upon a person. Let’s find out who showers Blessings even in these days of guilt, abuse, greed, misery, crimes and cares. Sometimes we are at the receiving end and sometimes giving. Capture your Blessings in your lines today.
Here is my contribution:

Blessed Are They…

Who in adversity find hope,
And who in hardship cope
With endless woe and ill –
Who out of blackness light distill.

Who even in injury forgive,
Finding courage to live and let live.
In meekness is strength hidden untold
They stand tall, resolute and bold.

Who have the energy to love
Even all those unworthy of
A sentiment so noble, tender;
Their heart so ready to surrender.

Who trust and still believe
All those who seek reprieve;
Who credit all of base humanity
With virtues that preserve their sanity.

Who strive for peace and calm
And who on strife shed balm;
Giving repose to those who tired,
The sweetest respite they’ve desired.

Who make the crooked run straight
And the trivial things be great;
Who have humility, patience, charity
Giving their all with grace and verity.


  1. with grace and verity...well said.

  2. Exactly. They are the winners and they are truly blessed who can see hope in adversity. Inspiring poem.

  3. I love your rhyming words here, unexpected and powerful. You make it seem easy, while staying among the blessed is hard.

  4. This is phenomenal! Love, love, love this poem ❤️

  5. Oh this was a blessed poem! I greatly enjoyed it! thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Not everybody has the capacity to endure and still shine - your poem seems to remind us of that - the Coehlo quote is very apt.. And an easier position to adopt - another thoughtful poem and wonderful image also

  7. I LOVE the rocks with words on.....I have some of those myself.........a thought-provoking poem. I admire most those who, in the midst of darkness shine a steady inspiring. I love your closing lines!

  8. blessed words...each has its own light..beautiful and inspiring...

  9. I love rhyming poems. And so mature and thought provoking. Every word needed to be there.

  10. This such a beautiful and inspiring poem. Loved it!

  11. Love the quote, and I enjoyed your poem.