Wednesday, 8 March 2017


“No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men.” - Muhammad Ali Jinnah 

Today is International Women’s Day and Poets United has as its Midweek Motif “A Woman’s Day: Be Bold For Change”. Here is my poem: 

I Don’t Want a Women’s Day 

I don’t want a token Women’s Day,
I want a world where humanity reigns supreme.
Sex and gender are immaterial
In this struggle for survival,
Where so much can be achieved
When brother and sister work together
Side by side as equals.

I don’t want a single, yearly Women’s Day,
I want a whole year, every year, where humanity reigns supreme.
XX or XY hardly matters
When the right life-or-death decision is made;
Where one depends on the other,
When husband and wife work together
Side by side as equals.

I don’t want a ceremonial Women’s Day,
I want an everyday reality, where humanity reigns supreme.
Trousers or dresses are irrelevant
In building a society where justice and good prevail;
Where we build rather than destroy,
When father and mother work together
Side by side as equals.

I don’t want a conceded Women’s Day,
I want a future starting yesterday, where humanity reigns supreme.
Mars and Venus are passé,
In this brave new world;
If humanity is to survive,
Let us instead be Jovial, and as fellow humans work,
Side by side as equals.


  1. Nicholas, I got a huge lump, in my throat, reading your poem. May it come true, a vision of prophecy, for all humanity.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for this poem. I agree and wish I had written this poem too. Gosh. You rock this day.

  3. Yes indeed A whole world full of every day respect for Women, YES INDEED

    thank you Nicholas

    much love...

  4. Oh yes, that is the world I want too........every day! I love this poem, Nicholas. Thank you.

  5. From your mouth to God's ear, Nicholas. What a wonderful world that would be! Your words will linger long with me!

  6. Yes. Every day should be humans day - love and respect for each other equally. Your poem is so true. I love the world you envision.

  7. Well thi issue could be put better than that, could it? What a great poem this is.

  8. What a wonderful world that would be indeed. A masterful write.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  9. That would be wonderful indeed. Dedication of this one day to women reveals the true condition of women the world over. Sigh.

  10. We have to keep on hoping for gender equality

  11. Your point is well made. While I experience relatively little inequality in my personal life as a woman, I do see it around me and have since I first fought against it in the 60s. Much progress has been made, but more is needed. Internationally, we have just begun, and one day doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. It is almost overwhelming to think what women go through across the world and (less universally) at home. If only every woman could claim and wield the power that is hers. I'm not sure that will ever happen, sad to say. But I can and do hope.

  12. I do share your sentiments really. It is too bad we have to have a Women's Day. Maybe at some point in our history we won't need reminders of the equality of all. Indeed if humanity is to survive, we must have equality of sexes, races, religions, etc. Your poem is an apt reminder of work that needs yet to be done.