Wednesday, 18 October 2017


“We are all like the bright moon, but we still have our dark side.” ― Kahlil Gibran 

In the Poets United site this week the Midweek Motif theme is Dark Moon, New Moon. My contribution is below:
Mistress Moon

Dark Mistress Moon,
You hide your face tonight,
(In shame?)
For mischief’s afoot
And all sorts of foul deeds need to be done… 

O, Moon, my Moon,
You of the radiant countenance
(So pure!)
You’re kind and gentle
When you shine and leaves with silver shower. 

Harsh, Moon, when you veil
Your beauty in dark crêpe,
(In mourning?)
You hide your sadness
And you let your anger, cruelty and vileness beget. 

O, Moon, my Moon,
Your gibbous fecund glow,
(In pregnancy…)
Generates blessings
When you touch with light caress all womankind. 

Dark Mistress Moon,
With sharpened sickle,
(So deadly!)
Tonight you’ll cut
The thread of life of those who dared offend you. 

O, Moon, my Moon,
Tomorrow night reborn,
(In innocence…)
You’ll smile and heal,
And give back hope and dignity to those wronged.


  1. Another amazing song! Shakespeare has Juliet call the moon fickle because of what you include here, but I ask, Is it fickle if you can count on it for this cycle? Such constancy!

  2. The many moods of Mistress Moon. So well done. I loved this, Nicholas. Always lovely to read you.

  3. I love this way of looking at the moon. Nice images.

  4. Fantastic poem, Nicholas! I love the way you have superimposed the dual personality of the moon with hints of the phases and the way the moon can be gentle and innocent or vengeful and punishing. Now, why did this poem make me think of Harvey Weinstein and his disgrace one dark moon too many?

  5. enjoyed to see the different faces of the moon Fantastic poem Nicholas

  6. You’ll smile and heal,
    And give back hope
    and dignity to those wronged

    There is so much pleading on its seemingly strong power as an equalizer! It might just work!


  7. An amazing poem! The moon as beautiful and innocent when full, yet vengeful and ready to mete out justice when dark. The parenthetical intrusions were quite apt and strengthened the verse meanings.

  8. I like how this reflects so many different "sides" of the moon. Lovely writing.

  9. Ah - the moon does indeed give hope. We must look to the sky and BELIEVE! Nice reading your poetry again, Nick.

  10. I like the turn-and-turn about as she shows her different faces.