Tuesday, 26 October 2010


“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” - Stacia Tauscher

In Australia today we celebrate National Children’s Day, which is marked every year on the fourth Wednesday of October. It is not a particularly well-known or well-observed commemorative day, which may be partly because it conflicts with the “Universal Children’s Day”, taking place on November 20th annually. There is also an “International Children’s Day” celebrated in some parts of the world on June 1st. Many other nations declare days for children on various other dates. I guess that is because every day is children’s day really, as children are the future of our world and they need to be loved, nurtured, protected and educated.

In honour of this day, a poem that celebrates childhood.


Through a small child’s eyes
The world’s a place of wonder,
And time cannot run fast enough
To keep up with the turning wheels
Of its mind’s new, shiny machine.

A child’s heart still pure and gentle,
Has enough love in it to spread
Around the world and still have
Some left over to give generously
To whoever needs it most.

A child’s questions ever asked,
Will often cause a wise man
To muse over and in perplexed vexation
He will not answer, his wisdom not enough,
His ponderings unfruitful…

A child’s touch is a breath from God,
Living reminder that He is not yet
Discouraged of sinful Man;
Allowing the human race to run its course
In hope through new generations.

A child needs love, tenderness, affection
Understanding, guidance, counsel.
The young mind like a sponge absorbs,
The young heart simply trained
To love, equally as easily to hate.

The child, a being of light and optimism,
Of endless prospects and untold possibilities;
How grave the duty to have and raise a child,
How immense such a responsibility,
How profound and critical such a commitment!


  1. I admit to being rather forgetful about poetry Wednesday both on the posting of and the reading. I really hate to miss your additions to this form. Always wonderful.

    BTW I recently got lured into something called Magpie Tales by a blogger I follow here. Check it out. I am finding it very interesting. And a great group of poets involved:

  2. What a beautiful poem! Thank you, Nicholas.