Saturday, 2 October 2010


“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.” - Albert Schweitzer

I had another very busy day today, which started with a presentation I had to give to the annual meeting of one of the societies of Medical Radiation professionals. It all went very well, everyone enjoyed it and I was invited back to present at next year’s meeting. Then back home where I had an appointment with a painter who gave us a quote for a painting and repair job to be done and then I went out and had a bit of a break. The evening was lovely and passed with some wonderful music, nice food and a cuddle.

We had the Australian Rules football final replay today, which Collingwood won easily, shaming the worse side St Kilda. I am not a football fan, however, I did watch some of the game, wincing all the while as St Kilda were so bad…

Today is World Farm Animals Day, so here is a sweet little video to celebrate the day:


  1. What a beautiful video Nic!!!!!
    I didn't know about his comemorative!!! I think it's wonderful.

  2. I love this hymn, Nicholas!
    It's a very fitting tribute to Farm Animals Day. I seem to have missed that one but I was away...