Tuesday 22 November 2011


“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter.” - James Earl Jones

To love we have to make ourselves vulnerable, let down our defences, allow another person access to our heartland. And once the drawbridges are down and once the walls have been demolished the sense of insecurity is immense… “Do you love me?” is the question that often remains unspoken, even though we may shout it out inside our hollow heart. Or if it is spoken, what answer may be given (or not given) may make us more miserable than before.

Magpie Tales this week has given us an image of one the great and most long-lasting couples of Hollywood. The theme is obviously “love”!

Do you Love me?

“Do you love me,” she said, “do you love me?”
And I – I stood silent and looked on, transfixed.
“Do you care for me,” she asked, “do you?”
And I – I turned away and looked at her no more.

“Why are you silent?” she spoke again,
And I – I searched inside me, for words
Were hard to find and language failed me.
“Speak, answer, tell me!” she commanded.

My eyes looked upon her and all I could think of
Were bright red thoughts and chords of A major joy.
Sweet tasting sherbet melodies and cooling draughts
Of pure spring water on a summer’s day.

“Do you love me,” she said, “do you love me?”
And I – I stood silent and looked on, transfixed.
“Do you care for me,” she asked, “do you?”
And I – I turned towards her and looked deep in her eyes.

And there were velvet leaves in my gaze,
On mellow September afternoons;
And my fingers were extended in silken threads
To bind our hands together like steel gossamer.

And my tongue moved powerless in the prison of my mouth
Forcing volumes of words unspoken down a dry throat.
My lips painted a sunset of a smile, and my eyes
Spoke only three eloquent words, silently,
So softly that only she could hear them with her heart
That resonated perfectly with their insistent rhythm.
“Hush, love!” she said, “not so loudly!
For we must not tempt jealous fate with our bliss;
The gods have punished mortals for lesser offences than
This sweetest hubris…”


  1. Sweetest hubris -- another phrase for true love. Beautifully written...

  2. I agree with Berowne. It is beautifully written... Love every word and feelingsmin it!..


  3. Enough to melt a heat of stone...

  4. Excellent poem, full of appropriate imagery well crafted into the sense of the piece.

  5. I agree. One of the best this week. Beautiful.

  6. A gorgeous poem, Nicholas! Why do so many men find it so difficult to say to say those wonderful three little words? :)

  7. so well penned nicolas, and true that...i dont have a problem saying them...perhaps even i am a bit loud...smiles.

  8. "there were velvet leaves in my gaze"
    lucky the ones that have seen such a gaze...

  9. Oh my! The depth of love here is simply divine. Thank goodness for eyes!!

  10. Brilliant - loved every word.


  11. Beautiful...the song from Fiddler on the Roof comes to mind...