Friday, 2 March 2012


“My salad days, when I was green in judgment…” - William Shakespeare
Another tiring day at work with quite a lot happening. Even if I do multitask, when there are many meetings and many staff members popping in to see me (I have an open door policy), it does make for a slowing down of my schedule. Nevertheless, it is Friday and the blessed weekend is here so I am looking forward to the rest and relaxation.

Tonight we had fish for dinner, but for me at least, even more delicious was the salad that accompanied it. One thing that I cannot do without at mealtimes is a salad. And we do have a surfeit of seasonal varieties of them. Here is what we had tonight:

4     medium, tender and fresh carrots
1     large ripe tomato
1     Lebanese cucumber (baby cucumber)
3     spring onions
1     tsp dry mustard
5     tbsp olive oil
2     tbsp vinegar
1     tsp salt
       pepper, ground coriander seed, finely chopped dill,

Peel the carrots and grate them finely. Press to remove some of the juice and put in a salad bowl.
Peel the tomato and dice into small cubes, about 0.5 cm side, add to the carrots.
Peel and dice the cucumber into small cubes, add to the salad.
Chop the spring onions and add to the salad.
Season with salt, pepper, spices and herbs.
Mix the oil, vinegar and dry mustard, beating well. Pour over salad and toss well. Taste and adjust seasoning, adding more vinegar, oil or spices before serving.


  1. this def looks tasty...funny this is the second carrot salad recipe i have read today...maybe i need to make one for dinner...