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Gado-Gado is an Indonesian vegetable dish, which means “mixtures”. The exact composition of the vegetable mixture varies, but usually comprises seasonal vegetable that are locally available. Typically, authentic gado-gado does not have carrot and tomatoes. Depending on your greengrocer’s stocks and how well Asian vegetable are represented you may use the following (vegetarians may omit the objectionable ingredients):

Gado-Gado (Jakarta Style)


Blanched: Shredded, chopped, or sliced green vegetables such as cabbage, kang-kung, young boiled jack fruit, string beans, bitter melon, and corn
Uncooked: Sliced cucumber, bean sprouts and lettuce
Fried: Tofu and/or tempeh
Sliced boiled potatoes
Boiled eggs, sliced

Peanut sauce dressing is the characteristic feature of the dish, and this is poured on top of the vegetable salad before serving. The composition of this peanut sauce varies also, but it is warmed before mixing and serving.
Ground fried peanuts (kidney beans may be substituted for a richer taste)
Coconut sugar/palm sugar (can substitute brown sugar)
Chillies (according to taste)
Lime juice
Terasi (dried shrimp paste)
Tamarind water to dilute

Assemble the cold vegetables and eggs in a pleasing arrangement on lettuce leaves. Pour on the warm peanut sauce and serve immediately. This is a complete meal in itself. Gado-gado is always served with krupuk (kind of crackers, usually tapioca crackers), or also with emping (Indonesian style fried crackers, which are made from melinjo). In Indonesia, Gado-gado is usually served with rice or lontong (rice cake wrapped in banana leaf).

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  1. This is something new to me... and I think I will love it. Although, I don't know where to get tempeh here in the Philippines. Maybe I will just use tofu instead.

  2. this looks wonderful, and most of the ingredients easily obtainable. must give this a try! bookmarked!

    appreciate much your taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, Nick
    enjoy your weekend!