Tuesday, 12 March 2013


“Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.” - Dylan Thomas

Another week, another image from Magpie Tales for our delectation and inspiration. Pardon me, Robin Gosnall, for turning the lights out on your vista, but the moon was waiting too impatiently in the wings…

So Far from Me

You are so far,
So far away from me,
O’er land and sea;
As far as star above
In evening sky, my love,
Still bright to see…

You are so far
Away from me, as moon,
Or sun above, at noon;

So far and yet so near
Like music in my ear,
So good to hear…

You are so far,
An island so alone,
In midst of sea unknown;
So far away you flee,
And yet a part of me
Forever here…

You are so far,
Untouchable, you seem
A silver moon’s beam;
As far as distant shore
Where love you swore

You are so far,
Forever gone from me,
A lock without a key;
As far as heaven high,
And yet forever nigh,
Deep in my heart.


  1. A truly exotic beautiful read and I loved the photo captured in the moonlight.

  2. This is so beautiful it pulls the strings of my heart..