Wednesday, 20 November 2013


“A poet is a man who manages, in a lifetime of standing out in thunderstorms, to be struck by lightning five or six times.” - Randall Jarrell

The theme of  “Lightning” is this week’s Poetry Jam stimulus for literary offerings by those who accept the challenge. Here is my contribution, rather apt as one considers the wild weather with horrific consequences that many places around the world have experienced.

The Watery Grave

And as the clouds gathered,
And as the lightning flashed,
As thunder roared,
The rains came…

The watery curtains cascaded down,
The rivers flowed and overflowed,
Became torrents; creeks turned to rivers
And the floods came…

And as the waters rushed,
And as the dams gushed,
The deluge broke the barriers
And the spate came…

The water covered all
In dirty brown slough;
Making lake of land
But the rains still came…

The might of surging waters
Overwhelmed man and beast,
Dragged down buildings, destroyed;
And death came…

Now as the waters still swell,
As displaced people shiver
From shock, fear, frustration,
Grim realisation came…

Silent, sunken, submerged,
What once was dry land and
Homes, cars, gardens, dreams,
All lie under a watery grave.


  1. Its chilling to be under a watery grave, many civilizations were wiped out like this.

  2. Destruction is certainly rampant in the world today. You have captured the tragedy of a tsunami so very well. Awful to have so many lives and buildings and possessions destroyed.

  3. Dark, powerful ... beautifully composed.

  4. Mother Nature is indeed in charge- we sure aren't. Energy filled poem.

  5. vicious...watched a video not too long ago about the tsunami and watched it and how it took so much...

  6. Now this is a very scary scene! Floods would really be frighting esp if the water was right on your heels. I have not really had this experience of fast moving waters rising--and I am thankful!

  7. The deluge broke the barriers - Life can overwhelm us like a flood of emotions, unable to contain the power, This is really excellent and so powerful.