Wednesday, 8 July 2015


“Absence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair.” - William Cowper

This week, Poets United has as its Midweek Motif, the theme of “Night”.

Here is my offering:

A Winter’s Night

A Winter’s night:
And the chill pervades
The dark, dank air
And knocks insistently
On my frosty window.

The moon descends
And kisses the diamond stars goodbye,
While bare branches shake off
Little pieces of loneliness –
Ice, falling down on frozen earth.

My heart still beats,
And each muscle contraction
Reminds my frigid body
That it must keep on living
Though hope is long lost.

A Winter’s night:
Time grinding to a halt,
As tremulous candlelight
Attempts to tear the endless darkness
But my clock finally stops…


  1. The chill of winter and darkness of night..............................can be spooky

  2. the second stanza is my favourite

    Have a nice Wednesday; My Night poem is at

    much love...

  3. The third stanza is so heartfelt.. so intense.
    Beautifully penned!

  4. Ouch! May the clock stop only for a second while the speaker captures their breath . . .I say trees live through the dark and ice because nothing can stop their great big hearts. So may it be until it is time to go.

  5. Oh I can feel the terminal nature of this poem a little too acutely, well done, you gave me a bit of a shiver. Nice to read a winter poem when we are having terrible heat right now. Reminds me that the seasons turn, thankfully.

  6. The poem is powerfully drenched with words of agony and despair. Especially loved the lines, "bare branches shake off
    Little pieces of loneliness"

  7. the flickering flame appears as a faint voice against the endless chilling darkness...the eerie silence of a long winter night beautifully expressed...

  8. My favourite lines are:
    'While bare branches shake off
    Little pieces of loneliness' -
    really evokes something of a barren, frozen life being eeked out in little chunks.

  9. Sometimes the mind rules..sometimes the body..i suppose we have to listen and trust that part which wills us on

  10. the power of time and the moments of night and darkness really captured in your words.

  11. To get through the night can be like a walk towards a hope for light.

  12. Nicholas,

    A brilliant connection between the seasons and the darkest moments of night itself..Candle light uplifts the mood when immersed in the midst of winter and a personal time of darknesss..There is a modicum of hope, at first..Though, in the midst of a cold, cold winter, there is nothing like the warmth of a fireside belonging..Keep warm!!

  13. I like this. It reads like an Edgar Poe piece. But yours is not just mysterious, it is full of meaning for that final night when the clock stops. So well done!!!

  14. Very well written, the mood and feel of the peice do give chills.

  15. Very well done - and indeed a chilling piece.
    Anna :o]