Saturday, 3 November 2012


“They who go Feel not the pain of parting; it is they Who stay behind that suffer” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

For music Saturday today, a beautiful aria from George Friedrich Handel’s opera “Rodelinda”. It is the aria “Dove Sei?” (Where are you?).

“Rodelinda, regina de’ Longobardi” (HWV 19) is an opera seria in three acts composed for the first Royal Academy of Music by George Friederich Handel. The libretto is by Nicola Francesco Haym, and was based on an earlier libretto by Antonio Salvi set by Giacomo Antonio Perti in 1710. Salvi’s libretto originated with Pierre Corneille's play “Pertharite, roi des Lombards” (1653), based on the history of Perctarit, king of the Lombards in the 7th century.
Dove sei, amato bene?
Vieni, l'alma a consolar!
Sono oppresso da' tormenti
ed i crudeli miei lamenti
sol con te posso sopportar...
Where are you, my dear loved one?
Come and console my soul.
I am oppressed with sorrow
And my cruel lament
I can only bear with you near me…

The painting is “Parting” by Jean-Michel Ruyten.

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