Wednesday, 29 October 2014


“Doctoring her seemed to her as absurd as putting together the pieces of a broken vase. Her heart was broken. Why would they try to cure her with pills and powders?” - Leo Tolstoy

For this week, Poetry Jam has selected the theme of “Broken” in order to inspire the participants of the poetic challenge.

In Japan, when an object is mended, the damaged part is highlighted by decorating it with precious metal. The presence of the flaw highlights the history of the object, with its value and beauty perceived as being greater than before. We too can repair ourselves and wear proudly our scars, as if they are adorned with gold. Here is my offering:

Closed for Renovations

My heart is closed for renovations:
Your residence therein
Was somewhat indelicate,
And much needed be done
To make it habitable once again.

I’ve left my heart vacant, for now:
Following your eviction,
The cracks in its walls will be repaired,
Fresh coats of paint applied
And a new colour scheme chosen.

It is a barren place, my heart:
Since you left, you left it empty –
Save for your rubbish, cast-offs,
And your unwanted lumbering baggage
That none would want, not even me, now.

It’s worse for wear and tear, my heart:
But I’ll mend it and renew it,
Recondition and repair it.
And this time around, I’ll be more careful,
I won’t give it away for free…

My freshly painted, remodelled heart,
Is now for sale; not for rent, nor to be given away –
Sold, as paint jobs are expensive and renovations costly.
My heart is more precious now,
An old thing broken and repaired
Is more beautiful than a thing brand new.


  1. Nice! I like the idea that a repaired object is more valuable than the 'original.' And, yes, I understand how this could apply to the heart. I think that a broken heart has probably learned a few things, and in the time it takes to 'repair' it the heart is strengthened & perhaps the next time it 'falls' it will be wiser for the time it spent being 'closed for renovations.' Smile.

  2. good on them...not being willing to give that heart away so freely....because many do...and we need at times to close up fix the holes in the wall and the shore it up so that we are capable of love again....

  3. Great poem, Nick! I like the idea that, with time and work, it is possible to renovate a broken heart. I think many people believe their heart is broken for ever when it breaks though.

  4. Loved your broken heart - a great analogy - and as we know - time heals all wounds.

  5. i luv the idea of this repair

    have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  6. So true... we do become stronger on the other side of our suffering, when we've made it through the pain. I really like the idea of emphasizing flaws.

  7. Love the spirit of this! I had not heard that tradition of Japan but it is a neat idea! Well penned.

  8. An old thing broken and repaired is better than a brand new thing...agreed...and far more interesting as well:)

  9. A very creative "take" on the prompt and a wonderful metaphor about healing from a bad/broken relationship.

  10. the healed broken heart is difficult to give someone ,nice metaphorical poem

    Woolen Socks

  11. Love the way you make this so personal but universal. Great way you make the prompt your own.

  12. I like the unique theme of wearing the scar with pride...the new appearance would definitely shine with its power of endurance and prudence...

  13. I love the resolute attitude found in this poem, even after the bitter pain. Onwards with a fresh perspective, inside and out..Leaving the past, in that place..


  14. Nicely done. I'm sure quite a lot of pain inspired this poem. The idea that something that has been repaired is more beautiful than something new is great. If a heart goes through a hardship and comes out on the other side, it's stonger, wiser, and has deep history. Well done.

  15. such a wonderful play on words, the empty hard, the evacuation....very enjoyable read!

  16. So well-written and evocative! I enjoyed your imagery. We've all been there, haven't we?

  17. I, too, like your metaphor here, Nicholas ... and I like the powerful stance on being wiser and careful with one's heart when it has healed.

  18. Love how you have portrayed a broken heart here Nicholas. May the future be more gentle upon your soul.