Tuesday, 27 May 2008


"Travelling is almost like talking with men of other centuries." -- René Descartes

This is the beginning of our travels for this year. Presently sitting in one of the lounges at Singapore Airport, which is I think one of the best in the world. It is a very relaxing atmosphere and one gets a chance to do all sorts of things and not even have to go near one of the duty free shops. Duty free is rather a misnomer nowadays as the goods there are seldom any cheaper than may find in a good department store at home. Still, it is surprising to see how many people are buying, buying, buying all over the place.

Airports are interesting places and it is always revealing just sitting and watching the people go by. Thousands of faces and each with its own story. Some travel for pleasure, some for work, some for family, some because of special reasons for all kinds. Some faces happy, some sad, some apathetic, many showing the fatigue of travel.

Our flight from Melbourne was uneventful, although the service on board is steadily declining with each trip one makes. However, the plane was absolutely full and one puts up with the inconvenience of the long flight because of the destination and all it promises…


  1. you seem to have done heaps of travelling this year - interstate, anyway. lucky you! are these opportunities linked to the new job? hope that's going well. safe travels.