Saturday, 2 May 2009


“Autumn’s a second spring when every leaf’s a flower.” - Albert Camus

The year’s wheel turns and once again the leaves are turning to gold and red. The sun is changing to silver and the days are becoming shorter, the nights colder. Where has the summer with all of its fury gone? Spring only a distant memory. As leaves fall, the bare twigs all point in one direction, to winter.

Youth is gone, middle age cedes its place to senility. Autumn’s gold succeeded by the snows of winter.

Here is Oleg Maisenberg playing “Autumn Song” (October from “The Seasons”) by Peter I. Tchaikovsky.

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  1. I used to dread the coming of Autumn and Winter but I had a nice cosy Winter last year so this year I don't mind so much. I think the difference was that last year I was living in a flat by myself and taking better care of myself. Previously I had lived in a number of badly maintained shared household which were all bloody freezing