Monday, 30 January 2012


“When blue sinks almost to black, it echoes a grief that is hardly human. When it rises towards white ... its appeal to men grows weaker and more distant.” – Vassily Kandinsky

Magpie Tales has a Vassily Kandinsky painting for us today: “Red Spot 2”. Kandinsky is now considered to be the founder of abstract art. His work, which was exhibited throughout Europe from 1903 onwards, often caused controversy among the public, the art critics, and his contemporaries. The exuberant colour in most of the canvas and the bright red spot may make for a joyous first impression, which is nevertheless tempered by the black and white menacing upper left corner. Enough to ruin it for me…

Red Heart

My red heart bleeds;
A slow exsanguination,
That robs me gently
Of my life.

My gray eyes fade,
Like the gradual darkening
Of wintry twilight,
Into long night.

My pink flesh pales,
A coldness fast approaching
A flower withering,
Dying, drying.

My warm breath slows,
Each inspiration laboured,
As if it were my last, which it could be,
In a death rattle.

And in my tissues masses of rebel cells,
Still thrive and spread, invading,
Destroying me as they multiply.
The enemy within too strong,
Too treacherous, too well camouflaged,
Too full of life in this dying shell
Of my dwindling carcase.


  1. Ah such is death Nicholas - it takes no prisoners.

    Excellent write!

    Anna :o]

  2. Oh, if only all deaths could be that beautiful!

  3. This is intense and lovely ... I enjoy the learning process Magpie Tales provides. Thanks for sharing more about the artist.

  4. A very well written "consumation devoutly to be desired."

  5. Intelligent write...I especially like the last stanza...nice...

  6. I agree with Dave's comment. I beautiful response to the picture, although I found more joy there than you did.

  7. Lifes cruel joke that no one gets out alive....amazing write!

  8. Death is no respecter of age, too!
    Darkly deep, and a beautiful read. I'll probably come back for a second course!

  9. it is indeed a thing of beauty one's life..... expiration date unknown... a most beautiful piece tho i can't help but to think of a darkness... faulkner flies

  10. How sad and beautiful this swansong of a cancer victim is, Nicholas… I do hope your friend is getting better rather than worse!