Tuesday, 3 December 2013


“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” - Voltaire

A dark angel has been provided by Magpie Tales as the creative spark for all who will take up her challenge. Here is my offering:
Need to Fly
The wild flapping of feathered wings,
Caged and desperate to escape;
Cries in the night, powerless
To make the moon approach closer;
No amount of war paint can make you
Fearsome enough to overcome your foe.
Memories of a distant flight,
Some place in the past;
The freedom of air rushing by you,
Caressing your every fibre;
No amount of struggle can make you
Break your chains and escape.
The faint glimmer of sunlight
And visions of broken chips of blue sky;
Remembrances of green meadows,
Flowers: Do they still exist?
No amount of wishing can make you
Fly, liberated, untethered, free.
A gilded cage is still a cage,
Your every need taken care of
Is no guarantee of happiness;
A captive soul imprisons heart and flesh, too.
No amount of solid earth can make you
Forget the lightness of air…


  1. This last stanza stands out as a cautionary message worth considering carefully ... well done. I also like the repetition of the two words of the fifth lines of each stanza ... nice carry through ...

  2. I love the line 'no amount of war paint ....' Very nice.

  3. adding voltaire was particularly nice

  4. Beautiful write...strongly resonates with me...thank you...

  5. I feel the confinement. And it makes my thoughts turn to the nature of the prison. BTW, I love that you increased the saturation of the photo!