Wednesday, 4 June 2014


“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” - George Carlin

Poetry Jam this week is moonstruck! The Instructions are: “…this week be inspired by the Moon and let share whatever emotions come into your heart. Make your poem as long or short as you desire, just let it flow.” Here is my contribution:

The Moon Alone

The wind blows all the stars away,

Sweeping them under the carpet of the clouds.
The moon alone remains high up
On her silver balcony,
And smiles.

She watches me, stifling her laugh,

As I search for my lost heart;
Mislaid perhaps – or hiding in a summer’s night,
Or taken by a spring morning;
Maybe stolen?

The clouds gather up and draw the curtains

Giving the moon the privacy she wants, to be alone.
I too, sit alone; where is my soul tonight?
Flying with the gulls, mayhap?
Or sailing…

The wind whistles a lonely song tonight,

The dry leaves shake, and the tiles rattle,
The window creaks, and I’m awake, sighing.
Are you watching the moon? You too alone,
Sleepless perhaps?


  1. What a melancholy mood you set in this poem, Nicholas! The moon both a mocker and a confidante. The last verse was somehow uplifting, setting the scene for a a reunion with the lost lover perhaps.

  2. i like your personification of the moon...needing her own privacy...the clouds providing....
    and the thoughts of them watching the moon as well only accentuates the loneliness

  3. i like the sad overtone in the last stanza particularly....

  4. Wonderful images in this. A joy to read despite the sad undertones.

  5. This is very atmospheric......I LOVE the quote about the wolves being silent and only the moon howls. Had not heard that one before. You have steeped this poem in atmosphere and that certain restlessness the soul can feel on such a night. To perfection.

  6. I really like the personification you gave to the moon, first smiling and then later needing privacy. Well done.

  7. Beautiful use of personification --- the moon smiles as you search for your lost heart. A lovely poem!

  8. I enjoyed the tone of your poem, Nick. I like how gazing at the moon leads you to introspection and the baring of your soul. A beautiful piece.

  9. Beautiful, introspective and immensely poetic.

  10. ... Lovely personalization of Lady Moon ....

  11. I really liked the reflective quality of your poem, Nick. Looking at the moon so often inspires a person, I think. And I think we all tend to do this when we are sleepless. When I look out of my window at the moon in the middle of the night I wonder how many people are doing the same.

  12. The moon is such a unifying force between people – that we can be in different places and look into the night sky and see the same moon – is very poignant. And yet, that same act, intensifies our aloneness in the world. You have captured this contrary dynamic beautifully with your words, Nicholas.

  13. The is a forlorn peace in your poem, a touch of reaching out for something beyond reach. I love the way you work with this.