Tuesday, 10 February 2015


“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.” - Kahlil Gibran

Poetry Jam this week asks participants to “feel the silence, experience the emotion and write whatever you feel your heart sets you free to share”. Here is my offering:

The Ditty of April Approaching

How far from you I feel

When I am by your side.
The moon who watches me
Understands, smiles but is silent
Leaving me alone, and you!
You are so distant
Especially when I am by your side.

Too much silence

Too much darkness.
Only I, alone, and you so far away
When I need you most.
The moon so far,
Pallid, lonely and silent, like me!

Too many fears,

Too many problems.
And I so close, yet far away
I dare not speak,
I cannot risk losing you,
I cannot ask you to approach me.
It’s better that you be far
Even though only beside me.

How far away and yet so near,

So close,
So forbidden,
So silent,
So very far!


  1. …a fear of greater loneliness if the silence is broken. Well penned!

  2. silence builds up grain by grain this subtle barrier...wonderfully explored..

  3. Apt lines.
    We shatter & ruin the silence if we talk. If we dare to speak, then we risk to lose :)

  4. it is a risk we have to take
    if we are to know love....

  5. i say go for, break the silence dare to win
    have a good Wednesday

    much love...

  6. I think the most difficult silence is the silence of two people together with things unsaid standing between them. Your poem really expressed the difficulty and tension of this well, Nick.

  7. Fear and love can be sometimes different sides of the same coin. This oozes with tension.

  8. You'll never taste love if you don't take a chance. Well done.

  9. Well, that sort of limits the enjoyment of love! I would hope that this as a temporary situation that people would find themselves in. That just cannot last that way. Too much stress!

  10. This is very sad but I think it conveys a situation and feelings very well. Lots of tension in this.

  11. Nicholas,

    I love this for the sense of separation, the longing and the obvious silence; all bound together. Silence must be respected, if even a small hint of hope, can stay alive. Great expression...


  12. ah the feeling of wanting to say but at the same time to respect the silence..it's difficult..very nicely expressed

  13. I love the winsomeness expressed here. Beautifull penned.

  14. Very nicely written! I enjoyed the irony between the title and the content --- one expects something quite different in a ditty.

  15. A forlorn moment captured beautifully... Life is beautiful though, isn't it...

  16. True love holds so much pain with all of the beauty as well. This captures that truth beautifully Nicholas!

  17. just beautiful with so much meaning

  18. How beautifully you have penned down , which speaks out the truth! :)