Wednesday, 27 May 2015


“If you spend time alone in the wilderness, you get very attuned to living things.” - George Dyson

Poets United this week is devoted to the topic of "weeds". This is a topic that I have a very soft spot for, as I believe that all plants wild or cultivated, hybrid or common, garden-sown or wilderness-grown have a place in our life and can all contribute positively to our existence.

Many of the so-called “weeds” are useful and valuable plants in their own right – we have just lost the knowledge, experience and sagacity to use them appropriately. See my previous blog post on this topic here.

My poem this week:

The Weed

Behold the orchid, a precious hybrid,
Resplendent in its baroque beauty
Dazzling in its polychrome coloration,
Rare, charming and elegant,
A most perfect flower…

My own floret, humble,
Insignificant by comparison
Most likely to be trodden on,
As it will often pass unnoticed,
Or treated with contempt, if seen.

The rose, pure bred and sleek,
A proud, fragrant blood-red bloom
Rising tall from glistening green leaves,
The epitome of refined grace,
Admired and desired.

My leaves a dusty green,
And my habit recumbent;
My smell oddly singular:
To a few pleasing, perhaps,
To others mildly unpleasant.

Look at the lily, wan and lofty,
In the greenhouse raised
And cosseted lovingly
By nurseryman’s tender,
Unending ministrations…

My own existence haphazard,
Yet hardy, tenacious in waste places;
I grow and self-seed and persist –
For those who get to know me,
I am a plant most useful, indispensable.


  1. Bravo! I love the contrasts of known beauties to the undervalued. I kept thinking of the common chamomile and clovers that I have often walked on, not knowing that such neglect assisted the cultivation of two plants I now LOVE (and walk on less). Your descriptions--the heightened diction vs. the comfortable friend, also enhance this poem.

  2. I agree - weeds are survivors...strong and sure...existing in a world all too ready to rip them up

  3. Nice comparisons stressing each one's place on this the resilience and humble tone of the speaker...a nice take on the prompt Nick :)

  4. Dazzling in its polychrome coloration,
    Rare, charming and elegant,
    A most perfect flower…

    The orchid certainly is the epitome of perfection :D nicely captured!

  5. So true of people too… It is the resilient, adaptable, wild weeds that survive and grow and spread rather than the hotsouse roses and the hybrid orchids that are sterile and need constant care. Weeds can be useful plants and are often strikingly beautiful if we look at them with receptive eyes.
    Forget the orchid, I’ll take a dandelion any day.

  6. oh yes lot of them we pass admire their flowers not knowing their worth

    much love...

  7. My thoughts took the same direction, though I have not posted it yet. I always find it amazing how tenaciously plant life and weeds find purchase and thrive in unforgiving locations..much like the human spirit. Well done, Nicholas.

  8. I like this Nicholas. The flowers you mention are beautiful, but weeds are special in their stregnth and hardiness. On my daily walks I notice them and have come to fully appreciate their beauty.

  9. Ah, the contrasts between the treasured and the often overlooked. You made me feel somewhat sorry for the weeds, as they are also beautiful in their own way. And, when you think about it, it is the weed that is the strongest of all...totally taking care of itself. Definitely a survivor!

  10. How much we can learn from the plants and flowers. Their very future assured by wind, rain, insects and even us in our small way.

  11. Well-deserved praise for the "weeds", which can give us so much as herbalism tells us. It is so with the common people amongst us without who society would not function. Dispense with the rich and famous, the stars and the celebrities can all go, the world will still turn. However, if you do away with the common workers, society would become chaos.

  12. I am a weed also. Nice to meet you. Fabulous contrast of flower to weed. Lovely piece.

  13. Ahhh yes - by this lovely logic I am a proud and resilient weed too :)

  14. Love this comparison. Nicely done.

  15. You say you are a weed but it is unlikely....I would say more of an olive tree....they survive anything !

  16. Always necessary and interesting are the weeds.

  17. Interesting perspective, great message