Wednesday, 9 March 2016


“Maybe your weird is my normal. Who’s to say?” – Nicki Minaj

The Midweek Motif for Poets United this week is “Weird”. My contribution below:

Weird Alchemies of Love

The forks of Spring are whetted
With tines sparkling sharp,
Like the ravenous spikes of my appetite,
For love…

As nights grow short, like my patience,
The days growl with increasing strength,
With accelerating insistence, their every minute elongated,
For love…

My body cries out to be devoured
By all-consuming, flagrant passions,
Burnt to a cinder by raging conflagrations,
For love…

As Spring ripens, like a cherry reddening,
And buds give way to flowers and seed,
My cells swell and pullulate, dividing,
For love…

My heart cries out to be crushed
Like a ripe pomegranate whose ruby seeds,
Yearn to be sucked dry of their ichor
For love…

For all-consuming love eats and is itself eaten –
Like acid quickly dissolving all it touches and is itself neutralised,
Yet retaining all elemental constituents,
Becoming enriched by that dissolved.
And upon sublimation the thing devoured is reconstituted
By strange alchemies of erosion, purification and crystallisation,
For what else is love?


  1. This is involved and I like the way the steps are laid out for alchemy in your closing...passionate piece.

  2. Love is a mighty hungry force Nicholas...and like giving it always gives a gift how you conveyed it so well in this beautiful poem...and love that quote by Nicki Minaj!

  3. Your last verse took me to my thinking place. I'm going to chew on this for awhile. Thanks for this meal.

  4. Wow!! This is absolutely incredible :D

  5. Powerful images and metaphors pull against each other here to describe quite a passionate love. Alchemy indeed! So I understand the reference to "all-consuming"--though I back away from that type of death and resurrection these days.

  6. How very cool - "the forks of spring".....with feelings this strong, spring should be a wonderful season for you! May it be so!

  7. There is nothing quite like love to inflame every one of our senses and you have certainly expressed this with so much passion.

  8. Who indeed can say...this poem screams of an internal alchemy..a hunger and ache and insatiable appetite..that oozes and flows - quite deliciously all in all

  9. This intense love can be likened to the volcanic explosion of Krakatoa. The far reaching effects witnessed in Turners sunsets years later...Dynamite ...An atomic bomb..Sizzling stuff wearing a tag too hot to handle:)

  10. I love the passion in this and the fact that it's for love. I think it's beautiful, different and so well written. For now, it's my favorite of yours.

  11. Lovely title! And the intricacies of the poem illustrate it well.

  12. Wow! Unique! Very different take on the motif..