Wednesday, 11 January 2017


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.” - Helen Keller

We live in a harsh age where people have become hardened and twisted, apathetic and callous. We live in times where values have been degraded so that the thing most valued is what can be sold for most money to the highest bidder. People close up like clams and their hearts shrivel up like mummified corpses. And we wonder why things keep going from bad to worse…

For those of us who still manage to feel, and empathise and remain open-hearted (at great personal risk), this world can seem to be nightmarish at the best of times, hellish at the worst. And yet we hope and we try to keep our openness at any cost. Poets United this week has the theme of “The Door”. My contribution below: 

Closed Doors 

Our doors are closed –
Just like our hearts –
For these are hard times,
Harder than corundum
Ready to grind down
Any trace of mercy.

Our doors are closed –
Just like our minds –
Free thought causes dissent,
Dissent is disunity
And disunity is weakness:
Far easier for prejudice and fear to rule.

Our doors are closed –
Just like our fists –
Clenched tight, ready to strike:
The best defence is swift attack,
Hit now, question later,
Collateral damage easy enough to justify.

Our doors are closed –
Just like our borders –
For we are pure and superior,
And we do not want to be tainted
By foreign blood,
Content in our incestuous decadence.

Our doors are closed –
But some of us leave the keys under the mat:
We of the generous open heart;
We of the free, open mind;
We of the outstretched open hand;
We of the open borders.

We wait for our door to open
And lay another plate on our table
For our food’s enough for one more.
We welcome change and progress
And we embrace the stranger
For our gods have taught us hospitality’s sacredness.


  1. I'm going to hold on fiercely to that image of the key under the mat! Thank you for this delicious read!

  2. heartless are the true losers...they will never find any door open for themselves the key-line...

  3. "For our food’s enough for one more"

    luv the immense statement of love in this basic little act of kindness

    much love...

  4. Nicholas, this poem is superb. I especially love the closing two stanzas.......the best side of humanity.

  5. Powerful. What is sacred and what is increasingly unable to get there. You will open eyes with this poem.

  6. Love your poem Nicholas. May kindness and love go through our open doors and demonstrate the best part of being human.

  7. Powerful words that need to be heard

  8. This should be a poster near the Statue of Liberty, Nicholas. Powerful poem, and good form.

  9. What a wonderful response to the prompt. It is so sad that good intentions are now marred by mistrust on both sides.

  10. In the world out there I think there are a lot of closed doors - i'm always thankful there are words..and like minded people to share them with

  11. I love the depth of this poem. It's structure appeals to its message.