Wednesday, 18 January 2017


“Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two.” - Buddha 

This week, the theme at Poets United is “Unity”. Unity can mean the number one, or it can mean the many joined into one harmonious whole. Unity can be composed of many or it can be singular. A paradoxical entity, as paradoxical as love can be…
Here is my poem: 


“We are one”, you had said right after we kissed,
And we held hands, our earthly fleshes melting into each other.
Our unity axiomatic, mathematically proven,
As it were – “1+1 = 2 = 1”.

“We are one”, I said right after we embraced,
Our breaths mingling, our limbs melding into spiralling helices.
Our unity a postulate, an incontrovertible truth,
As it were – “In necessariis unitas”.

“We are one”, we each said, echoing each other’s voice,
Our songs in glorious harmony merging as the octaves converged.
Our unity a doubling of parts, a blending of tones,
As it were – “Canon ad unum

“We are one”, we said in unison right before we broke up –
And then each one of us cried: “I am one, single, alone…” –

Each to his unity condemned, a unit each,
As it were – “Our dual unity demolished into unity, singular”


  1. What a journey this takes me on, in love, in concepts, in numbers, in memories. Powerfully expressed, and applicable to many events as well as people around the world.

  2. This is very clever.The entity is paradoxical and I like your reference to love illustrating the concept.Also the canon ad unum verse with its consecutive octaves and terraced dynamics was impressive.Enjoyed this poem very much.

  3. My goodness! You absolutely rocked the prompt!!

  4. So sad, "I am one, single, alone" after such a union. Sigh. So well done.

  5. Curiously having had a romance when the two of you become one and then there is a break up you find that you are not a whole person any more but only part of one and something is missing and it hurts!

  6. I love the complexity in this poem - makes me wish i could understand the beauty of mathematics.. as well as life itself

  7. life is complex and so is unity, it this approach to the theme...

  8. A very impressive one.Meaningful.