Wednesday, 15 November 2017


“Look at the sky; remind yourself of the cosmos. Seek vastness at every opportunity in order to see the smallness of yourself.” - Matt Haig 

In the Midweek Motif of Poets United this week, the theme is “Meteor Showers”. My contribution below: 

Meteor Showers 

Billions upon billions of suns
Strewn through the endless emptiness
Of cosmic infinitudes –
I look at them and yet remain indifferent
To the immensity that stares at me,
Being able to contain it all
Within the low walls and ceiling
Holding my brain.

I love.
I love you, and that is:
More important than the speed of light
Within a vacuum;
More rare than comets that careen past
And are glimpsed once in a lifetime;
More precious than the meteor showers,
Which fall around us like golden rain…

What should it matter if now a million suns
Should suddenly decide to supernova?
What if I am but a mite on a speck of dust?
It is enough that I have loved,
Nothing can take that from me.

I love, I feel, I understand:
I am small, insignificant, an atom only
In the endlessness of eternity,
And yet I love and I can pinpoint my existence
In unfaltering co-ordinates.

What if the earth should suddenly expire?
What if the universe decides to crunch?
What if Death around each corner lies in wait?
My only fear now is that we two are on a parallel course
And that the threads of our two lives will never cross...

That which I feel
Is infinitely more important
Than all the vastness looming above, below,
Around all sides of me.
Without you by my side,
The boundless space within me
Annuls the space without.


  1. This is so lovely, vast and close to heart. I love that wonderment & awe as well as assertion.

  2. It is enough that I have loved,
    Nothing can take that from me.
    .. like the way you've positioned that against the vastness of the beyond.. !

  3. A very powerful declaration of love.It is ultimately the only thing which matters . Beautiful and moving poem.

  4. Such an amazing love poem as the mystery becomes real in one individual! It is what is inside that creates our realities and informs the Universe.

  5. "I am small, insignificant, an atom only"

    So am i
    Have a good Wednesday Nicholas

    much love...

  6. A great take on the prompt and a lovely write.

  7. Beautiful words of love and love surely does matter.
    Anna :o]

  8. Those closing lines really hit home...what matter the infinitudes of space, when all one wants is the dear one, near. Loved this, Nicholas.

  9. Wonderful write...I have loved...excellent!

  10. We live in a universe of questions. Love centers, roots us, blesses us. Beautiful piece

  11. This poem is a help in grounding me to what is important. Gorgeous poem with power and purpose.

  12. Just beautiful. If one has experienced the beauty of love, all else pales by comparison. Love is SO important!