Wednesday, 13 February 2008


“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” - Aristotle

Seeing it’s Lovers’ Day Eve, I thought it appropriate to indulge in a love poem that is dedicated to all lovers. Those gentle souls who lie clasped in each other’s arms and share heartbeats, exchange souls and between whom silence is as eloquent as thousand words. My poem for you:

I Breathed your Soul

As our breaths were mingling, your head clasped to my breast,
I looked into your half-closed eyes and shared your dreams.
As I could feel your gentle breath move my heart yet closer,
I breathed your soul in, and my heart enclosed itself in yours.

As our hands entwined, and our lives lay coiled in perfect symmetry,
My words remained unsaid, for your mind was already filled with mine.
Your smile, my sun – my eyes your moon,
I breathed sweet air that you exhaled and drank your kisses.

If I were to think of you without my life, I’d think no more,
For without you, my life is truly without life.
And yet, even then I should not die,
For I have within my soul, your soul,
And you within your mind my mind;
But your heart carries within it mine
And a heartless life is life, but life is not.

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