Wednesday, 23 September 2009


“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” - George Santayana

Spring is supposed to be a joyful season, but still there’s many a tradition and legend that looks at Spring through a dark prism and imbues it with a mournful air. Many old civilisations celebrated Spring’s arrival with sacrifices (sometimes human!) to ensure fertility. Others held their feasts of the dead in Spring (and to marry in May’s still unlucky as the Romans considered Maius a sad and unlucky month, thus dedicated it to the dead, and celebrated no weddings in this month). The ancient Greeks honoured their dead in March with a feast of flowers. In ancient Egypt, the Spring Harvest Festival began to be celebrated on the Spring equinox. The festival honoured the goddess Isis, the mother-goddess who also protected the dead and was the patroness of sailors. Rituals were carried out in her honour and sacrifices were made. Lent is a solemn Spring festival, often lasting well into the middle of Spring…

It was a gloomy Spring day today, with grey clouds and rain. Fleeting warm sun, cold wind, rain. Certainly a day to contemplate the solemnity of Spring and to think dark thoughts and to brood…

Spring Rains

The equinox balances day and night
And sun aligns itself most carefully.
Spring showers turn to rain
And iron weeps rust.

The air is warmer, birds soar into flight
But moon wanes most mournfully.
The deep ache turns to pain
And dreams into dust.

Spring is a most melancholy season
Despite the wild burgeoning of green.
Flowers suit more the grave,
And bitter thought.

I try to find in all a rhyme, a reason,
But deep down is my vengeful spleen;
How easier if all I forgave
No longer fought…

Jacqui BB hosts Poetry Wednesday!


  1. There is a melancholy and well as a hopefulness when we start to see the seasons change. But it always makes me hopeful for other changes as well.

  2. interesting poem - iamges of spring contrasting with bitterness of feeling.

  3. What a wonderful poem! It seems to me to say that never mind what is happening outside, it's the inside of me that will determine my season. How can you feel cheerful even on the sunniest spring day if you are crying on the inside?

  4. April showers are not always 'showers'. Just like life - expect the unexpected and as in your good poem, spring is not always as it would seem.

  5. I likethe rythme of your poem. I'm going to go practise it. have a lovely holiday.