Friday, 28 December 2012


“Our bloom is gone. We are the fruit thereof.” - Wallace Stevens

We are enjoying some summer weather, intermittently that is, with some hot days interspersed with cool ones and then again some warm ones, so that we have some variety. It’s always the case during the Summer here in Melbourne. Generally, during the Christmas/New Year break the weather tends to be all over the place and then when everybody goes back to work we get a surfeit of all the stinking hot days in February…

In any case, with the fruits that are in season at the moment we are enjoying some delicious fruit salads. We have these with breakfast, for a light lunch or a perfect dessert after dinner. With or without some fat-free yoghurt they are a healthful and refreshing meal on their own or a smaller portion to accompany another meal. Here is the recipe for one we had today for lunch.

Summer Fruit Salad


1 large ripe mango
2 apricots
4 plums
1 heaped cup cherries, pitted
2 nectarines
1 peach
Juice of one orange
Juice of one lime
1 tablespoon sugar (optional)
1 tablespoon apricot or peach liqueur
1 tablespoon melon liqueur
Sprig or two of lemon verbena for garnish


Wash and peel the fruit that needs peeling. Squeeze the orange and lime into a bowl and add the liqueurs, stirring well. If you like your fruit salad extra sweet you may add a tablespoon of sugar now. Chop the fruit into small pieces and add into the bowl. Mix well and refrigerate until cool. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks good, I add cream and sugar to ours ~ I envy your side of the world as we are deep in snow ~

    Wishing you Happy New Year ~

  2. i love the variety of fruits that you added! am afraid am guilty of opening a can of fruit cocktail most of the yours is definitely much better!

    appreciate much your linking and sharing over at Food Friday, Nick
    happy 2013!